BDA Paediatric Group Position Statement on Weaning Infants onto Solid Foods. May 2010

Paediatric Group of the British Dietetic Association Position Statement on 'Weaning infants onto Solid Foods'.  

The  BDAs Paediatric Group have reviewed this area and reached the following conclusions:

 • Exclusive breastfeeding from birth until weaning is the optimal way to feed young infants.  

• Continuing breastfeeding throughout weaning may reduce the risk of coeliac disease, type 1 diabetes and wheat allergy.  

• Infants should all be considered individually as they develop at different rates.  

• The health departments in the UK recommend beginning weaning around 6 months. Recent evidence indicates that term infants should begin weaning by 6 months but not begin weaning before 4 months (17 weeks).  

• Some current practice recommends avoiding certain high allergen foods before six months. However recent evidence indicates that potentially allergenic foods such as egg, fish, milk used in foods and cooking, cheese, yoghurt, wheat and other gluten containing cereals do not need to be delayed until a certain age.  

• Preterm infants need special consideration and 5 - 8 months after their actual birth date is likely to be the best time to begin weaning. The majority may benefit from delaying weaning until 3 months after their estimated date of delivery (EDD) to allow sufficient motor development. 

The full report can be accessed here: BDA Paediatric Group Weaning Infants onto Solid Foods